Sunday, August 01, 2004

Anime Sex Sex picture

Anime Sex Sex picture

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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Anime Sex Sex story


(NC, Rape, Gang-Rape, BDSM, Humiliation, Interracial, Slavery)

This is the only story I've written, a long time ago...
It's quite amateurish and perhaps not very well written - but here it is,
an addition to . Please let me know what you think.

Obviously, my writing needs improving and I'm working on other





Dismal plot... Tired themes... Horrible dialogues... Subpar

Series Premiere Summary:

Armed with only a few mementos and little information
about her late birth-mother, Sarah leaves her
boyfriend Bailey and her life in San Francisco to
venture to New York in search of her biological father
in "The Time She Came to New York", the Series
Premiere episode of TIME OF YOR LIFE.

If you're not into BDSM, only a middle segment of this story has that.

Story very loosely based on the opening events of the series premiere.

While completely perverted and sickening, you may consider this story to be a
critique of the Series' very naive portrayal of life in New York, and the
touchy-feely attitude of its Star. (Yeah, right!...).

The Indian cab driver was flipping through the magazines: "Barely Legal"...
"Nude Teens"... He rubbed his cock through his pants impatiently. The line
seemed longer than usual. His cab was in the line formed to pick arriving
passengers at JFK. Ashok had been working the airport since he immigrated to
America five years ago - it usually paid better than working the streets. He
opened the glove compartment, taking a small bottle of whiskey. He took a large
sip as he turned the pages, stopping at the nude picture of a supposedly legal
girl who looked like she was barely 17. Ashok had always dreamed of fucking teen
American "sluts", even considered spending some of his hard-earned money on the
young whores parading in Hell's Kitchen. But money was tight, and his wife never
missed a beat. He frowned, knowing that his ugly wife would be waiting at home
rather than the teen slut on the centerfold.

Somebody knocked on the side-window, sending the Indian man into panic. He
quickly stashed the magazines back into the glove
compartment, along with the Whiskey - "I must look horrible" he thought,
considering his pants button was also open due to his ever expanding waist line.
The man knocking on the window laughed,
yelling: "Come on up man!!".

Ashok stopped the yellow cab by the curb. He looked to see if the customer
needed any help with the bags - yet, without any delay, the door opened and in
came a girl. For a brief moment, Ashok felt like his cock actually burst out of
his pants. The girl was a perfect 10 if he'd seen any. Her tits alone seemed to
be screaming: "Squeeze me! Pinch me! Fuck me with your cock!".

"Hi... I'm Sarah!" smiled the girl, with a level of excitement that was
annoying. "I got no bags!! The airline lost it! Can you believe it? Oh, well, I
guess it's just a minor setback. Part of the

Ashok sighed - he couldn't stand airhead tourists.

"As long as you got your wallet, Ma'am..." he said with a broken English. His
passenger was quite the hot little number but he wasn't about to drive for free.

"Sure" said Sarah, still with a cheery smile on her face. "I can't believe I'm
in New York! Wow, Big Apple... This is so exciting... Do you enjoy living in New
York, Sir?"

Ashok grunted something resembling "it's OK". He couldn't stand stupid yappers.
He couldn't stand passengers talking on and on, asking endless questions about
New York. Ashok didn't want talk. He just wanted to keep quiet and peep on his
passenger from the rearview mirror, imagining all the nasty things he'd like to
do to this little wench.

As the car moved away from the curb, he asked: "Where to Ma'am?"

"Aaahh, to this address!" She read the street address in Queens.

Now, Ashok was really pissed! He'd never make this ride if he had picked her up
on the street. (Or, maybe he would just to watch the tits!). But the airport had
very strict policies. He couldn't refuse to drive the passenger no matter how
unsafe or close the final
destination was. He had figured this little white bitch had to be headed for
some fancy Manhattan location - instead it would only be a mid-range ride,
ending in a part of Queens Ashok really did not wanna be at after dark. "Oh,
well" he thought, carefully clipping the underwiring of the meter. This sexy
big-titied yapper certainly looked like the sort of naivete who could be fooled!

"You know I was conceived here" said the girl all excited as the cab got on the
highway. Ashok didn't respond, instead focusing on her shapely legs and inviting
pussy hidden beneath her stretch jeans. "I'd gladly make you conceive your own
little baby-bitch" he thought. He imagined Sarah's legs spread wide.

"Isn't that exciting? I'll finally get to see the very house I was conceived
at!! That's where we're going!!"

Her laughter almost sounded like a dare to Ashok - saying 'you can't have me'! A
sexy little laugh mocking all the men! He grinned his teeth. Slut! He'd love to
sodomize the spoiled little cunt! He tried to remember how much he'd drank.
'Apparently, too much' he said to himself, trying to focus on the road rather
than the two maddening tits riding in the backseat.

All along the way, for 35 minutes, Sarah hardly ever shut her mouth, speaking
about how excited she was, how awesome New York was, the World problems, every
possible touchy-feely family cliches dressed with never- ending anecdotes... The
driver was in a delusional state, tired of the voice coming from the back-seat:
He was himself busy picturing how great it would be to shut this bitch's mouth
with his big cock. She'd just take it all the way in, and the only noise coming
from that pretty mouth would be the sounds of sucking and slurping, and the
occasional gagging... Ashok was fixated on blow-jobs. Only once he had managed
to spare the money for oral sex from a prostitute and ever since that was the
only thing in his mind. For his traditional Indian wife, a blow-job was the
equivalent of fucking the devil, and no Indian man would ever
dream of doing such an unholy thing with the wife. In his mind, blow- jobs were
for American whores, like the one sitting in the back seat...

"Sir, you have such an unusual name" inquired Sarah, trying to read the driver's
syllabus deficient last name. Ashok grunted in anger: He couldn't stand stupid
Americans who thought his name was the weirdest thing they'd ever seen. The
chatter of his passenger was really pissing him off. Someone had to shut this
bitch's mouth up.

Finally, after wasting some time taking the long way and inflating the fare even
more, Ashok stopped the Cab at a deserted corner. "Here we are, Ma'am!". It was
dark and lonely, but Ashok could almost spot gangs of blacks lurking in the

"Oh, this is it.. Thank you so much... It's so great being here! You know, Sir,
everyone who looks at me thinks I'm a sweet young sorority girl from the
Suburbs. But you know what, I'm not going to be the Marcia Brady of the new
Millennium. I'm gonna go out there and be nutty, you know... Have a few

Ashok thought of the empty parking-lot just one block behind. He'd like to take
Sarah to that deserted lot, and teach her a little lesson about going on
adventure trips in a big city. Having a big cock stuffed in her mouth could show
this "sweet young suburban girl" the downside of naughty adventures.

"It's 80 bucks" informed Ashok. His eyes were still fixed on his passenger's
provocative bosom. He instinctively opened the glove compartment, and took out
the Whiskey - he had to drink to contain himself, but then it was the Whiskey
which seemed to be putting crazy ideas into his mind in the first place.

"Oh, my God... oh my God...: Sarah kept saying. "Sir, I have only $40 with

"What?" Ashok turned to the young woman with a sign of outrage on his face.
"What do you mean you have only $40? You owe me $80!! There it is, on the

"I know, but, you see, the airline lost my baggage. I had more money in it. I
thought I'd have enough in my wallet..."

"Are you crazy, you stupid girl?"

"You know, Sir, you shouldn't drink Alcohol. It's really horrible..."


"My boyfriend used to have a serious alcohol problem... It really is the mother
of evils!"

Ashok couldn't believe it. This uppity little bitch, who had only half the
money, who had driven him to this godforsaken place in the middle of the night,
now had the tenacity to lecture him!!! Something short- circuited in his head.

"That's it you uppity slut!" he screamed, turning back to the wheel.

"Sir, there is no need to get rude or upset. I'm sure we can arrange something
civilized. I can send you a check if you want..."

Sarah's bickering was cut short as the car made a sudden U-turn, and started
driving back the way they came from at a high speed. Sarah fell backwards into
the seat screaming. Now she was getting scared.

Ashok sped the car for the length of the block, and made a sharp left turn onto
the parking lot, smashing Sarah towards the door. The car came to a halting stop
at the end of the empty space, this time sending Sarah flying face first into
the back of the front seat.

Ashok quickly grabbed the big knife he kept under his seat: A taxi driver could
never be safe in this city. He got out of the car, and rushed to the back,
opening the back door. He quickly got in, taking his place next to the
passenger. He had expected Sarah to be cursing at him or crying for help.
Instead she was obviously very scared and confused. She must have realized, in
the flash of a second, how incredibly vulnerable she was. They were parked in
the middle of a deserted parking lot, not even a lamppost to her benefit, and
not a single soul around except perhaps a couple of cats running about on the
trash cans.

Sarah tried to open the door on her side - to no avail. She felt the driver's
rough hand on her hair before she could swing the door open. Ashok pulled her
hair roughly, drawing a painful shriek from the girl as he turned her face to
his. The sight of plain terror on her face rejuvenated him. He slowly put the
huge knife against her beautiful delicate neck:

"Now listen to me, cunt. You WILL pay your debt to me. No ifs, no buts.
Otherwise, I'll slice your throat like a turkey. I want you to give me a
blow-job. Just like you used to blow your boyfriend in high- school. And if I am
not satisfied with your performance, I swear I'll start cutting up your face,
starting with your ears..."

There was nothing but sheer terror on Sarah's face.

"Do we have a deal, honey?"

Unable to speak, Sarah barely nodded her head in disbelief.

"Good girl". Ashok forcefully pushed Sarah down towards his crotch, taking one
last look at her innocent angelic face. He couldn't wait to drill his hard cock
into that innocent angelic face.

For her part, Sarah felt like she was in the midst of a horrific nightmare: This
couldn't be real. She wanted to cry, but her fear had numbed all the other
feelings - except maybe a sickening disgust... She hadn't given much thought to
the middle-aged driver's looks
before. But now that the situation was quite different, he no longer seemed like
a multicultural curiosity. His skin was dark, he had a big belly full of fat,
his bearded face looked hideous, he looked dirty and smelled bad - he was
completely repulsive to Sarah. Yet, the urge of survival was strong in the young

Ashok, still holding onto his prey's hair, commanded Sarah: "Come on, you know
what to do". Whatever hesitation Sarah had, feeling the edge of the knife
pressing against her ear got her moving. She pulled down the man's zipper in

"Take it out" ordered Ashok.

After fumbling around, Sarah managed to pull the dark ugly piece of meat out of
the cab driver's briefs. It was very thick, yet not too long, covered with the
aroma of sweat.

"Come on slut! Get to work!" exclaimed Ashok, sliding the knife along Sarah's
delicate neck. His accent sounded worse in moments of
excitement like this. "And you'd better do a good job unless you want your
throat cut-up!".

The young woman's lips parted involuntarily. The head slid easily between her
soft lips and she was his. Taking the head of the cock inside her mouth, she
felt the hard-meat against her tongue. Ashok moaned in pleasure as the warmth of
Sarah's mouth engulfed his manhood and her head began bobbing up and down,
sucking his cock like her life depended on it - which, in her mind, really
seemed to be the case.

Ashok was groaning in delight as Sarah's warm administrations on his cock
continued. He'd seen a lot of back-seat action in his cab; only now he was the
one getting the action. He knew he would soon explode in pleasure. Only the
"sweet little American girls" sucked cock like this, having started practicing
on their boyfriends from the age of 12. Where Ashok came from, no
self-respecting woman would do such whorish things. All American girls were
whores as far as the Indian cab driver was concerned. They spent the better part
of their lives with legs spread wide.

Ashok pushed against the girl's throat, invading deeper and deeper. Sarah's
angelic face was now buried in his thick pubic hair. He pushed his hands
underneath her body, and reached for the sweater. He pulled Sarah's sweater up,
his hands brushing against her firm breasts, until the wool was bunched up
around the girl's neck. He clumsily unclasped the girl's bra, baring her heaving
chest to the cool air.

Sarah had stopped in panic as she realized Ashok's hands were stripping her top
- but she resumed her sucking enthusiastically when her cab diver tugged on her
hair. Making sure he didn't drop the knife, Ashok moved his rough hands towards
the intended goal: The best pair of tits he'd seen in his life. They were firm
to the point of being
rebellious, full and large without being obscene, two globes of soft flesh
waiting to be mauled and shaped. He grabbed Sarah's tits in delight, feeling the
exquisite female flesh in the power of his hands. Just a half hour ago they
seemed so far away, completely untouchable, taunting him with the way they
stretched against her sweater - and now they were his to play with, to handle
and molest as much as he wished. He squashed the mountains of flesh in his grip,
squeezing Sarah's breasts as hard as he could.

Ashok was in heaven: He was playing with the young slut's delicious bosom while
she was pleasuring his cock in her mouth, sucking on his Indian manhood with the
urgency of a trapped animal. As he pinched and squeezed her flesh, he knew he
could no longer hold it: He groaned like an animal, feeling his balls exploding.
Sarah realized in panic what was about to happen, but it was too late: Ashok
grabbed her head, keeping her skull firmly in place as his semen gushed into the
sweet young girl's mouth, pushing forward into her throat. Sarah shivered in
utter disgust, feeling the semen slowly traveling down to her tummy. She'd never
let anyone do this to her, not even Bailey.

Finally, Ashok let the girl sit up straight. He zipped up, still holding the
knife in his hand. A shaken Sarah was busy pulling down her sweater. Suddenly,
Ashok grabbed the girl by the hair again and placed the knife right against her

"Now, listen to me cunt! If you make so much as a little complaint to anyone, I
will kill you! This ain't no fuckin' joke. I've got family all around this town.
If I can't get to you, someone else will, got it bitch?"

Sarah looked more scared than ever.

"Got it??" he pulled on her hair forcefully, causing a tiny yelp.

Sarah nodded her head in fear.

"Good girl!". He opened the door. "Now get the fuck out you dumb slut". He
pushed Sarah out of the car, causing her to land on the hard asphalt with a

Ashok quickly got back in the driver's seat. Before he drove out of the
parking-lot, the cab driver lowered the side window, and yelled at the girl
weeping softly on the asphalt:

"Hey, Lady, welcome to New York!!!!"

Sarah sobbed on the cold pavement for an hour, shivering in the chill of the
night. Yet, her frustration inevitably faded off as the young woman slowly
regained her composure.

She slowly got on her feet, and looked around with renewed fear. This really did
not look like a very nice neighborhood. It was dark and silent except for far
away noises that only increased her nervousness. She walked out of the empty
parking-lot, nervously checking her
environment, not knowing where to go. Maybe, she could call another cab. Having
paid the fare in an alternative way, she still had the $40 to spend for a ride
to the hotel. She headed towards the first corner the cab had stopped, where her
mother's old house was. She was hoping to find a payphone. The darkness of the
night was squeezing her heart with the vicious grip of fear, she felt like
running rather than walking, her eyes spotted imaginary people in every shadow.
When she reached the end of the block, she still hadn't found any payphones -
and she was standing right before the house she had intended to visit.

She was pondering what to do, when, suddenly, a figure appeared out of the
darkness, making the girl scream in fear. It was a bum with a bottle in hand,
laughing: "Come here honey.. You wanna fuck?". He had a beard long enough to
reach his waist, he looked like he hadn't washed in years, his clothes were
falling off his back.

Once again mesmerized in fear, Sarah threw herself onto the porch, hearing the
drunken laughters of the homeless man. She stood in front of the door, wondering
what to do. Perhaps, she could just knock on the door, see her Mom's house as
planned and ask for permission to make a call. She knocked on the door still in
fear of the man who was now walking away.

Looking through the doorviewer, Archer Cornelius couldn't believe his eyes.
Apparently, some sweet little Sorority girl was in front of his door in the
middle of the night. Pondering how lucky he was he smiled and opened the door:

"Hello there! Can I help you with something?"

Sarah smiled in relief: Finally, a decent middle-aged white man.

"Sir, I am so sorry to bother you at this late hour. But, you see, my mother
used to live here. I was conceived in this house. And I'm actually kind of lost.
I was hoping you'd let me take a look at my Mom's old house, and I'd appreciate
it if you allowed me to make a call!"

"Oh, sure, honey" the man gave a warm smile, letting her in. "My name is Archer.
I've been living in this apartment for 8 years! It used to be a better
neighborhood, you know...".

"Thanks" she said, shaking Archer's hand. "I'm Sarah".

Sarah was delighted to be seeing her Mom's old place, the place where she was
conceived. The man gave her a tour of the small house. There was even a basement
which the man did not let her see, which she found somewhat strange. Once
Sarah's curiosity was satisfied, she asked if she could make a call. She called
a cab company recommended by Archer.

"Would you like to have a drink while you wait?" inquired Archer. "Coke? Orange
juice? Beer?"

Sarah gave that magic smile. "I'll just have a Coke?"

"Sure...". It didn't matter what she drank for Archer's purposes. He gave the
glass to the beautiful girl.

"So, don't you find it dangerous?"

"Find what dangerous?"

"You know... Just knocking on somebody's door in the middle of the night, asking
to come in?"

"Aaah, I don't know... I guess I trust people..."

"Hmm... But this is a dangerous city my darling. It's filled with criminals and
rapists and psychos! How do you know, for example, that I m not dangerous?"

Sarah was feeling a little light-headed. "Oh, you couldn't be... You don't look
like that...". She barely finished her words. Her head was all of a sudden
spinning, she had difficulty remaining on her feet. As she descended into
unconsciousness, she barely heard Archer's words from a far away:

"You wish, little one, you wish..."

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Anime Sex Sex picture

Anime Sex Sex picture

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Anime Sex Sex story



The birds were chirping in the trees behind us as I awoke to soft
sucking on my cock. Just as her mother had done, Donna was now doing me as
Marie and I lay there beside each other on the deck.

Donna's eyes smiled up to me as she saw me awake with feeling my cock in
her mouth. She leaned directly over it now and deep throated me. it
caused me to moan and in turn, wake Marie.

Marie rose and smiled as she watched Donna suck me. She leaned toward
me and kissed me and smiled. I pulled her closer and had her kneel over me
so I could suck her nipples as Donna kept deep throating me. I could feel
Marie's hand caressing my hair as I sucked her tits.

I felt myself on the edge now as Donna's mouth became more and more
insistent on my cock. I pulled Marie's head toward my mouth and kissed her
as I felt my cum spurting in large jolts into Donna's waiting mouth.

Marie was still kneeling over me as Donna now scrambled under her and
began to lick her pussy while I still kissed her. I knew Donna wouldn't
stop until she had made her mother cum too.

Now, it was Marie's turn to be pleasured and moan into my mouth as I
kept pressure on her lips while Donna licked and sucked her.

I felt Marie humping over Donna's mouth as she moaned into mine. My
hand found her tit and I caressed it and pinched the nipple slightly.

I really liked the idea of the three of us being able to pleasure each
other like this.

It even made my cock stir once again in a short time with this
excitement so early in the morning.

I pulled Marie's mouth from mine and gently steered her towards my cock.
She realized right away I wanted her to suck me again.

Donna inched along with her mother as she positioned herself further
down my body and took my cock in her mouth and sucked me hard.

Her moaning, Donna's excited moans as she sucked her mother of our
juices, and my own pleasure being sucked twice in such a short time was

I Could last longer this time. At least as long as Marie took to
finally cum into Donna's licking mouth.

When I was sure Marie had cum from Donna's sucking, I pulled her from my
cock and then quickly rose and went around to slide into Donna. I fucked
into her hard and fast. I didn't give her time to even moan before falling
down and closing over her mouth with my own and sealing her scream as I
fucked her like a madman. The taste of her mother's pussy and some of my
own cum was on her lips.

Her pussy was warm and wet and needing. I fucked her in the early
morning breaking light as Marie watched me. Stroking my back and my ass
and enjoying once again, the sight of me fucking her daughter.

Marie moved her hand and then cupped my balls and caressed them as I
fucked in and out of Donna. It felt wonderful. I moaned into Donna's
mouth as I neared an explosive cum. Her pussy was spread wide. Her knees
up as she clung to me and eagerly humped to meet my pumping.

"I love you honey, I liove you," as I fucked into her. "I love you too
Kenny." I love...OOOOOHHHH "

I raised my head over her and felt my cum racing through my cock and
into her. Donna moaned at feeling me cum. I moaned at feeling Marie's
fingers caressing even harder on my balls as she felt them emptying into
her daughter.

This multiplied my orgasm by ten. I was arching my back as I came in
Donna and feeling my balls being squeezed like this at the same time.

Marie didn't stop until she felt me relaxing on top of Donna, and then
massaged my ass until I finally withdrew from Donna's pussy several minutes
and long kisses later. I rolled on my back trying to catch my breath and
once again felt Marie softly sucking Donna's and my juices off my cock.

It was several minutes before we went to the patio table as Donna
brought out breakfast for all of us.

We ate naked once again. All of us sated and happy as we looked at each
other around the table. Each of us having orgasmed and satisfied by each
of us.

Their nipples were still hard and perked up as I looked at each of them.

I wondered if they both would go at it after I left?

I decided to ask them. "Do you two do each other when I'm at work?

They both looked at each other and then broke out in laughter.

"Oh Kenny!"


"Sometimes honey. Depends how horny we get. Sometimes something will
happen and one of us will really need to get off."

They both giggled again. "Other times Kenny, we go to the mall and grab
any two spare guys and bring them home to fuck their brains out and then
tell them to get lost."

Both of them giggled again.

"We put up signs near the car. "Sluts with butts." "Or we use the other

"THAT one gets all the attention." Both of them laughed louder this time
at their make believe joking.

I knew they were kidding me, but believed her when she said that they
both make love when I'm not there.

I got serious now. "I was wondering if either of you would mind if I
stop to see mom after work today?"

"You miss her don't you?" "Yeah, honey." "You need to make love with her
again, don't you?"

I shook my head yes.

Donna reached over and softly raised my chin so she could look into my
eyes. "Go to her honey. Make good love with her. THEN come back to me.
I'll be here for you." "Would you like to stay the night with her?"

"I don't know honey." "Would either of you mind my dad coming over here
in case?" "Oh no, Marie piped in. Sure. Just ask him if he would like to
come over. Tell him he can leave for work from here if he would like."

"Thanks, girls. I appreciate it."

"Kenny honey, we all love each other." I love your dad too, so does mom.
We know how you feel about eveyone in your family. Its perfectly OK,

"If he feels up to it, both mom and me will make love with him, huh
mom?" "Sure, Kenny."

"Would you give him that SNAKE treatment like you did to me?"

Both of them roared. Their tits were shaking with their laughing.
"Think we should honey, or would it give him a heart attack?"

"Well, I really liked the way it made me cum, and how it felt all the
way through it....." "I really exploded when I came inside Donna, Marie,
while you were fucking me with that thing.

"I think dad would like the feeling too." "I know damn well mom has
stuck her vibe in him once in a while while she sucked him."

Both of them looked at each other and it appeared that it was settled
then. I knew they would do it to him. I just didn't know which one would
be sucking or fucking him when they did.

We were finished with breakfast now, and Marie rose to clear the table.
Donna rose and leaned over me to kiss me. Her tits hanging so seductively.
I cupped them and kissed her warmly.

"I love you honey." "I love you too, Kenny."

"I meant it, make good love with your mom tonight."

I smiled and rose to go up and get dressed as Donna helped her mom
finish the dishes.

What more could a man ask for? Full permission to make love with two
women at home, and still go to another home and make more love with more

Still, if dad chose to come over, they too, would get their pussies
filled and contented.

Just as I was about to pull up my jeans, Donna came in the bedroom.

"Let me suck you for a minute more honey, before you leave for the day."
I smiled at her. Wondering why she seemed so needing right now.

I sat on the side of the bed as she came near and kissed me. "I want
one last taste of your cum honey, before you leave."

She knelt down and took my half hard cock in her warm mouth and sucked.
I was forced to hump. I was forced to give her my cum from her pleasuring

I spurted and spurted small loads of cum. "I won't have you until later
tommorrow honey." she smiled as she licked the cum that was on her lips.

Somewhere in all that happened this morning and last night, I knew damn
well my love for her increased ten fold. I seemed to feel these same
things from her too.

We went downstairs and I reached for Marie's naked tits from behind as
she was cutting veggies for dinner. She remained naked still.

I noticed that Donna had, also.

I turned Marie and kissed her, saying I loved her and would see her
tommorrow. "I love you too, Kenny. More than you probably realize honey."
"Oh, I think I realize well enough." I caressed her tits softly one more
time and then turned to Donna.

"I love you too, honey." Her smile said it all. Her open arms waiting
for her kiss clinched it.

I reminded them to check on Pam, to see how she would make out at the

Paul was waiting anxiously for me when I pulled in the drive of the
company parking lot. He ran over and seemed excited.

"Kenny, do you think you could cover things till tommorrow?" "Why sure
Kenny. I know what needs to be done now." "Something wrong?"

"No, its just that I would like to be with Pam at the doctor's, but I
can't afford right now to take a day off."

"Sure, Paul. No problem. I understand. I would want to be there with
my honey too. ESPECIALLY since she's doing this all for you!"

"I'll go in the shop with you and show you a couple things first, then."
It was just before 8AM as we walked in.

We got inside and he showed me two units that were all ready to be sent

"These, he said, are ready for delivery. If you wait till early
afternoon, you can tell the boss that these were the rush jobs and deliver
them. Then have the rest of the day off."

"Tell him I'm already delivering two others." I have one in the car
already, because the people live right near us."

"Sure Paul. Go for it. Get home and be with her."

"I'll be staying with my mom tonight and coming in to work from there,
tommorrow." "My dad might want to come to our place and be with Donna or
your mom."

"Whoa. Nice life, isn't it?" He smiled.

"By the way, YOU have two women at our house needing YOU sometime soon,

"Uh Oh." "Get going and take care of Pam." "Thanks for letting us get
together yesterday."

"We knew you guys would, Kenny. Pam wanted it too." She said that you
are really good with her make her feel nice."

"I try Paul. She's really nice. Wouldn't be hard to love her." He
smiled as I told him to grab his ass and go get her.

"I hope this will work for you Paul," I said louder as he neared the
door. "So do I, So do I."

There were three units that were aggravating to fix, but I finished them
and put the two that Paul showed me in the car. I told the boss what we
were doing and then left for the day.

It was only about 1:00 PM.

In an hour, I had both units delivered and set up once again in the
customer's homes. One, a really pretty woman about thirty, was really
happy that I brought it back so quickly.

I showed her a few tricks to avoid future similar troubles and she was
genuinely happy. She seemed to really like me and offered a beer.

I hesitated but then she popped the top and I knew I had to drink or
waste it.

"I'm a writer," she smiled. "My newest book is almost all in that
computer. Without it, I'm screwed."

"What's it about?" I asked. "A hot steamy love story for a magazine I
write for, on contract." she smiled.

"I'm surprised that you didn't read it when you were fixing the

"We don't bother snooping into people's files hon. Just the mechanics
and program screwups."

She seemed confident and sure of herself. She sure was pretty. I
guessed her tits to be like Donna's.

"Its in my book, you know...." "What is hon?"

"The fact that a man cannot look at ANY woman without also looking at
her tits!"

"I'm sorry," I said blushing beet red. "Its just that yours remind me
of my girlfriend's."

"Large or small?" "What?" 'Nipples!"

Now I really was blushing and it was making her feel superior making me
be on edge.

"Medium, I guess." "I also have "mediums", she smiled.

"I also know that almost ALL men try to guess a woman's nipple size when
they stare at us."

I gulped the beer at my frustrating loss for words around this woman.
She moved over and sat at the computer. She opened her book file and then
stuck in a floppy.

She copied the file onto the floppy and popped it out and handed it to

"Here, she smiled. You get a prepress version. There's only two
chapters I haven't finished." If you're still interested after reading this
much, come back and I'll have the other two ready for you."

"Share it with your girl if you like." "Get ready for passion from her
afterward though."

I thanked her and stuck the floppy in my pocket. "Would you like
another beer?" I looked at my watch. It was 2 PM.

"No, not right now hon. I have to return another computer." I was
lying, but I really was anxious to see mom.

I reached in my pocket and gave her one of my personal repair cards.
"Here, hon. Call ME the next time you have a problem and it will save you
a lot of money against what our shop charges."

"Their 34C." "So is she," I smiled.

Her smile was just as contagious as she looked down toward my half hard
cock scrunched up in my jeans.

"7" she smiled.

"Almost exactly," I smiled once again.

"Maybe next time we can compare inches," she smiled.

"Soft" I smiled.

Her eyes widened and she looked again at my crotch. "There MUST be a
next time, she smiled.

I had all I could do from grabbing her and kissing her right then and
there. She walked me to the door and turned. "I just have to, you know."

"Have to...." Before I could finish, she was reaching down for my zipper
and reached in and pulled my cock out as her eyes stared into mine.

"See if your just bragging," she finished saying.

I felt her hand reaching all the way to my groin until she had my
complete cock out in the open before she stood back and looked down at it.
I was hard now, and it was throbbing up and down.

"You weren't" she smiled at me. "Weren't what?" "Lying."

I liked this game more and more. I was standing there with my cock
sticking straight up as she looked it over and reached down to hold it.
She seemed to be measuring it in her hands.

"Nice," she smiled. "Is there a chance you can use this on me in the
future?" "Maybe. I would like to discuss it with my honey first though.
We share things like that." "Me?"

"Me what?"

Share her with ME, too?" "Would you like that?"

"Would it bother YOU?" "I already do."

"Do what?" "Share her."

"Girl?" "Yes."

"You too?" "Sometimes. Sometimes not."

She leaned back against the inside of the front door and smiled at me

Then she leaned down and raised her blouse to show me her beautiful

"Are they?"

Standing there with my cock hanging out and looking at her half naked
now was really getting to me and she knew it.

"Almost identical."

"Want to?"

"No time right now." "Bullshit."

She reached for my hands and placed them on her tits.

They felt nice, soft and her nipples were hard.

"Let me give you half, until you come again." She dropped to her knees
with her tits flopping and immediately began sucking me.

Her moans and fingers made me moan with this unexpected excitement of
getting a blowjob from a completely strange woman.

UUUUMMMM she smiled up to me. Cum for me. Tell your girl I sucked you.
Tell your girl I will suck her too."

"Tell her to read my story."

"Tell your girl I would like this cock in me. If she wants to watch,
OK." She went back to sucking me nicely and it wasn;t long before she had
me staying up on an excited edge and verge of cumming. She kept me there
with her teasing. Then, she finally got serious and stroked and sucked
till she felt me spurt. Gulp after gulp.

Her fingers worked wonderfully as she sucked. I was finally drained
into this strange girl's mouth and she rose to kiss me.

"Your cum tastes good. She feeds you well." "She fucks me well too." "I
belive you now."



"Come to the address on my card."

"We wear nothing at our parties!"

"0" ? "0", I smiled. "Will I get more of this?" as she now was putting
my cock back into my pants.

"I'll see to it that you do."

"Time?" "7ish."

I liked her manner. I guessed she liked mine.



I leaned forward as if to kiss her but she took my head in her hands and
pulled it to her tits.


I sucked and licked.

She moved my head from tit to tit.

"Same?" "No."

"I'll suck both of you at the party if you find a place for us." "You'll
have company sucking us."

She smiled. She was thinking in her head of my meaning.

"Male or female?" "Depends."

Now her mind was really racing.

"On what?" "Your preference at the time."

Now she broke out in a large smile, realizing I was accepting her

"I'm...." "I know." I finished.

"Are you telling her I sucked you?" "Yes." "Honest." "That's how we love
each other."

I reached and cupped her bare tits and then finally kissed her. It was
soft and nice. She molded to me as her arms went around me. My hands
caressing both her tits as she moaned.

"I'd like more of you." "You'll have it." "She can too, if she wants
me." "She will." I smiled.

Now she turned and opened the door to let me out. "You're going to be
in it." "What?"

"My next chapter." "Will it be flattering?" "Yes. Your cock turned me
on." "I will write it as I sucked 7 1/2 inches of nice hard cock, though."
"I thought "7."

"Go home and measure."

I smiled and leaned to kiss her again. "Saturday." I said.

"7ish." she smiled. "Time, not cock size!"

She was standing just at the edge of the door so she couldn;t be seen
from the outside.

"Wear little." Again she smiled slyly at the thought. "Just pasties?"
"Use your imagination for a naked party."

Her hand went to my crotch and she leaned forward for one more kiss.

She massaged my soft cock as she kissed me once more. "I want more,
too." She smiled.

"I liked meeting you Kenny."

I smiled and left.

Why did I have the thought that she would now race to her bedroom for
her vibrator?

I stopped at a flower shop and picked out a nice bunch of summer flowers
for mom.

It was about a quarter to two as I pulled in the drive. I grabbed the
flowers on the seat and could hear the music softly from the back yard.

Then I heard Karen's voice as I neared the deck through the yard.

Both her and mom were lying naked on chaises and chatting. Their bodies
sparkled with the tan lotion. Both of their nipples were hard and
glistened in the sun. How provocative seeing two pair of naked tits with
hard nipples shining upward.

Karen saw me first and I hushed her so I could surprise mom. I noticed
the pitcher of ice tea on the table and reached in for a couple of ice
cubes. I smiled down at Karen as I quietly eased behind mom. Her eyes
were closed as she laid there.

I held the ice cubes so they would drip on her nipples.

It didn't take long.

in seconds, large drips of cold water dripped straight down on each
nipple. Mom jumped straight up in shock as Karen and me both laughed.
Both her hands were holding her tits as she turned and saw me standing
there with the flowers.

There she was! My wonderful, beautiful mother. Naked before me. Her
blond hair shimmering and gleaming in the bright sunlight.

Her pussy trimmed and sparkling with tan oil. The small hump just over
her pussy was so inviting to me. I wanted to drop and suck her right then
and there.

"Oh God, its you honey." She came quickly to hug me and then leaned up
for a kiss. "Oh, I've missed you honey. We were just talking about you."
Both of them had a dozen questions about how things were, the job. etc.

"I came to make love with my two favorite family members." I smiled. "I
even got out of work to do it."

"You mean...?" "Yes. I left work early and was determined that I would
make love with both of you."

I pulled mom to me again and kissed her. Her body was hot from the sun.
Karen rose, knowing that I would make love with her too, before it was

"I need you mom." "I need YOU too Karen honey." "I've missed both of you
and Cindi, too."

"Oh Honey, we've missed you being here so much." "We have Kenny. We
have." Karen added.

"Would you like something to drink?" Yeah, lets grab a cold beer on the
way upstairs where the air conditioner is on."

"You're not kidding you missed us!" Karen smiled.

The three of us walked toward the house and mom put the flowers in a
vase of water on the kitchen table. "Really pretty honey. Thank you."

Oh how I hoped I had enough for both of them right now. It had been
about a half hour since being sucked by Veronica.

I decided if I stalled, and did a lot to them first, I would be ready
for whatever happened in a short time.

"We'll have a new girl at the party Saturday," I said as we went up the

I told them the story as we climbed on mom's bed. Each of us with a

"You mean you just got a blowjob from a strange woman and you still want
sex with us?" Karen smiled.

"Yes." I kept telling her I needed to see mom, but she had a plan. I
explained how pretty she was, with long brown hair and nice body. Then I
added that she was a bi.

Mom's eyes widened. "I think Marie will want her mom....unless you...."
Mom smiled. "Maybe honey. Depends."

"On what mom?" Karen asked. "A lot of things honey. A lot of things."

I got off the bed now and began taking off my clothes. Mom looked at
the clock. "We have two hours til dad...."

"Marie and Donna want him over there tonight mom. I was supposed to
call him at work and let him know. I just didn't have time yet." "He'll
miss his...." "No, he won't mom." "They'll give him THAT, and a lot more

She smiled up at me as she now noticed my cock geting hard as I stood

Her hand reached for me to come closer to the bed and she leaned down
and took my cock in her mouth. I reached for Karen to come closer also.

I put my hand around her shoulder and pulled her tight to my waist as
she watched mom suck me.

I caressed mom's head with my other hand and moaned at her pleasuring
mouth. After a while, mom raised her head. "Like that honey?"

I smiled down at her. "Here Karen, you do him for a while too."

Mom made room for Karen to sit on the side of the bed and knelt behind
her as Karen eagerly reached for my glistening cock.

Mom leaned over her and reached to kiss me as I felt Karen beging to
suck me now. Mom taking my hands and placing them on her oily tits as she
kissed me.

How erotic this was. Karen between us and sucking me with her moans.
Mom kissing me and enjoying my hands on her soft large tits.

Her lips were tender and loving. Needing. Her hands giving me all her

I was pumping now as Karen's mouth sucked me harder.

Mom leaned back on her thighs as she looked down and watched Karen bring
me to cumming. My body shaking and feeling myself being pulled and sucked
into Karen's warm mouth. Mom came forward and kissed me harder as she
shared my cumming into Karen's mouth.

Now, I was drained for a while. I knew they realized it also. We
crossed our legs as we sat on the bed and talked. I reminded mom to call

"Yes, honey. Its perfectly OK with me. Kenny is here, and we'd like
him to stay the night with us honey."

"Yes, they have dinner waiting when you get there...and then she added,
Kenny says they have a lot more ready for you too."

"I love you honey. Enjoy yourself over there. Bye, love. of my life."
"See you tommorrow evening honey."

Mom was smiling as she turned back to me. "Done deal, honey." "You're
ours for the whole night."

"Uh Oh." I smiled. "Maybe I made a bad move here." I smiled at the
anticipation of loving and sharing my mom and Karen once again.


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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Anime Sex Sex picture

Anime Sex Sex picture

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02. Anime Sex sex link

03. Anime Sex sex link

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Anime Sex Sex story


By Reavan


"Yes, Madam."

"Is my bath ready?"

"Yes madam, may I undress now?"

"Of course Tessy," She watched with animated satisfaction as her servile
young maid slowly and deliberately bared her generous charms. "I never
tire of watching you disrobe Tessy, it's always a stimulating revelation;
an open invitation to be ravished and conquered for sexual gratification."
Her voice became a breathless husky whisper. "It is no wonder the males of
our species are so bewitched by your bodily charms."

"Thank you madam you are very kind." Totally naked, up on her toes she
stretched out her arms in a graceful ballerina pose and then tiptoed very
slowly in a circle. She then floated to one side of the room facing her
madam, turning and then floating to the other side.

"How exquisite Tessy, I love to watch those underlying muscles flexing
in your buttocks and thighs, when you perform for me. Ah ... I digress,
you may disrobe me now." She approached tiptoeing and proceeded to undress
her head taller madam; every motion, part of a spontaneously choreographed
dance; a graceful pantomime of fluid fingers gently moving, unhooking,
lifting, lowering, folding and then carefully depositing the items removed
on a chair. She circled her madam's statuesque naked body, fluttering like
an amorous butterfly, posturing for the attentions of its mate. Finally
placing her thumbs and forefingers gently on her madam's wrist she walked
her fingers up her arm, across one shoulder, behind to the other shoulder
and then down the other arm. Her left hand remained under the upper arm
and the right continued to the wrist, grasping both gently. She gazed
deferentially into her madam's eyes.

"Please madam may I escort you to the bath?"

"Yes Tessy, take me there." They entered the bathroom and Tessy gently
guided her madam into the waiting bubbles. Kneeling, she watched her
mistress lie back and luxuriate in the warm bubbly water.

"I wish to enjoy my bath for a spell Tessy, you may flaunt your bodily
charms for me." Tessy smiled sweetly at her mistress and began, partly on
her toes, a very slow bump and grind comhula dance while touching her
fingertips to her shoulders. She turned slowly letting her mistress enjoy
every possible mouth watering angle of her nubile flesh

"Oh you are beautiful Tessy, from that pretty face with those
mischievous dark brown eyes, to your perky breasts, that delectable waspish
waist, those curvy hips, that perfectly protruding derriere and those
sculptured thighs. And all that perfection displayed just for my personal
pleasure, before I take you to bed and satisfy my passion for you in the

"Yes madam, I'm completely yours body and soul."

"Are you really enjoying your position as my unpaid servant Tessy?"

"I relish being yours madam, you reward me in other much more meaningful

"You may soap me now Tessy." She lathered her hands and proceeded to
soap her Madam thoroughly. After completing above the waist, the madam
rose and Tessy entered the tub on her knees and washed her lower body from
the front, after which the madam turned and bend over, giving Tessy access
to that most vital area of sexual gratification. She carefully cleaned
every nook and cranny with the tips of her fingers several times, ensuring
a hygienic and pleasant environment for any intruding purveyor of carnal

The madam sat down again and watched Tessy teasingly soap her own
delectable body. Again, her hands performed a sensuous pantomime, fondling
all parts of her body, as if her hands were those of a passionate lover.
Her madam, transfixed by the soapy shimmering beauty of her sensual young
maid, inhaled deeply; her large breasts rising out of the water as she
filled her lungs with the sexually charged air and her libido with the
intoxicating display of lusty flesh. Tessy finished and turned on the hand
held shower, rinsing the soap off her skin. Her madam then got up and she
too was rinsed as Tessy aimed the spray at her figure. They got out of the
tub and Tessy dried her madam dabbing and stroking her gently and
sensuously with the towel. When finished she stood back and regarded her
madam, as a sculptor would view a newly completed masterpiece.

Her madam smiled contentedly at the faithful attendant "You can dry
yourself now, Tessy and I'll wait for my massage on the bed."

Tessy curtsied deeply, "I'll prepare my body for your enjoyment madam."

"When ready she entered the bed room, fluttering along on her toes and
then falling on one knee, her head bowed and arms spread high emulating
butterfly wings spoke: "oh madam please permit your humble servant the
honor of erotically massaging your body."

Her madam rolled over on her stomach, sighing wishful: "make me feel
like only you can Tessy." Skilful fingers caressed, kneaded and groped
every inch of the accessible skin, instilling a warm passionate sensation
in her entire body. She turned over; breathing deeply as Tessy continued
her invigorating sensuous massage.

She knew her madam well, and left the inside thighs and lower belly for
the final titillation before straddling her body in the reverse position
with her sex just above her madam's lips. Her madam's thighs spread slowly
as her hands clasped Tessy's wellpadded buttocks. She pulled Tessy's body
down, and eager moistened lips made simultaneously contact with vaginal
mounds. Soft fleshy thighs closed intermittently on ears driven by some
involuntary quest for gratification , as tongues waltzed to the moaning
duet of women performing that most sensuous of female gratification.

Tessy timed her multi orgasmic libido to the sounds of her madam's
ascent toward her inevitable volcanic eruption. A central quake initiated
by Tessy's tremorous oral stimulation expanded exponentially, boosting the
pressures approaching criticality in her madam's libido already
intensified by the recent visual stimulation of Tessy's enticing flesh.
Like the irresistible pressure of superheated magma building below a
volcano an eruption became inescapable, materializing in an explosive
prolonged groan, accompanied by intense spasmodic activity in all regions
of the affected body.

Tessy's climax was slightly off the mark but her democratic madam
gallantly continued her own oral efforts, assuring her cherished servant a
rousing orgasm matching her own.

Turning around and cuddling into her madam's embrace they both relished
the slow downward slope of that most momentous of all human sensations.

"Well Tessy it's time to turn on the TV, You know who is on in living

"Yes madam the sexiest man alive and he's got a number one hit again."
She found the remote and clicked the channel and while the inevitable
commercials begged for attention, she positioned pillows for their
comfortable viewing. The announcer attempted to introduce the star but his
voice was drowned by thousands of frenzied female fans, screaming for their
idol. Moving on to the stage in blue jeans and a sleeveless jacket he
grasped the mike, waited until the screaming subsided and then after an
electric Guitar played an intro, launched into the latest hit.

"Watch him move that tight butt of his, he is the greatest isn't he?
Come back in bed Tessy and let's finger each other while we watch him."

"Um madam, that feels good, look at all those young girls going crazy,
listen to them scream. Oh madam I just love just looking at him with your
finger inside me, I'm going to cum, oh God he's a hunk. Oh madam."

"Me too Tessy, look, he's throwing kisses at us. The audience is going
wild. Oh my dear Tessy you're making me cum. Kiss me and squeeze me hard,
oh that man can drive any woman wild."

"He drives me wild madam. Oh I feel so good now, perfect timing we both
came nearly at the same time again."

"No wonder Tessy you are a great lover with a perfect and passionate
body. You add a hunk like that to the picture and how can anyone not have
an orgasm."

"That was our second mutual orgasm this afternoon madam. Is it not time
to prepare me for my reward."

"Yes, so it is dear and deservedly so. It will surely lead me to
another orgasm. Get yourself ready then."

Tessy got up and opened a drawer, lifting out a riding crop. Smiling
demurely at her madam she kissed the leather object along its entire length
and then launched into a dance, waving the crop like a fairy's wand, at
times holding and rocking it, kissing it sweetly like a baby.

The madam rose from the bed after a few minutes and held out her hand
wearing a demanding expression. Tessy dance to her and fell to her knees
holding the crop with both hands kissing it passionately and then presented
it to her madam. "I adore you madam please prepare me for my reward" she
said breathlessly waiting for her next order.

"You may assume the position Tessy." She rose off her knees and turned,
raising and moving her arms like a bird in flight on her tiptoes and bend
over slightly, extending and offering her shapely buttocks to the leather.


She danced away, spinning in slow pirouettes, circling the room and
returned to the same spot in front of her madam. She turned her head, lips
parted, gazing dewyeyed and devotedly at her madam


She repeated her dance and received another whack, dancing again for
another, repeating the ritual until the number equaled ten performances,
earning ten riding crop rewards. Completing the final dance and receiving
the final whack she fell to her knees, tears flowing as she reach for the
crop with both hands. She kissed the leather again and then rose on her
knees, her madam taking her head in both hands.

"Oh Tessy you're even sweeter when weeping. That darling face of yours
decorated by glistening tears gracing those pretty cheeks." She kissed a
tear away comforting her like a broken hearted lover. She kissed her lips
and then kissed away yet another tear "It hurts, does it dear?"

"The sensation in my flesh is the tribute I pay for that sweet award to
come, it evaporates like the morning mist with the sun's warming rays. I
feel only my love for you madam and the reward you will so kindly permit me
to embrace. You are a sensuous bridge to cross, and while moving with your
encouragement towards that pinnacle of all human gratification, I feel your
touch in my mind, whisper your name as I am drawn into and experience that
exhilarating passionate reward. When that is enjoyed and spent I will
return once again to serve you, body and soul."

The madam soaked up the enchanting, heartwarming words from her devoted
maid and motioned for her to rise as she herself sat on the bed. Tessy
stood up and turned letting her madam view the colorful imprints
administered by the riding crop on her buttocks.

"Your beautiful skin takes so well to the crop; I see all the colors of
the rainbow there. Oh, it gives me such pleasure to prepare you in this
manner, Tessy." She kissed and fondled her artistic creations of
multicolored stripes on the generous fleshy globes she relished. "Life is
good isn't it dear?"

"Yes madam, it's absolutely perfect." She turned her head and smiled
contentedly at her madam's adoring ministrations. She felt in a strange
way, like an icon in a temple receiving first a leather blessing and then
absolute devotion from her worshiper.

Her madam then reclined on the bed, reaching for her beautiful obedient
object of sexual pleasure. Tessy eagerly positioned her naked flesh atop
that of her mistress; as her buttocks were once again invaded by ten
roaming digits and her lips found their possessors neck, kissing it softly.
They kissed lightly, teasing each other, tonguing playfully then
passionately as Tessy's body squirmed restlessly on top of her madam. The
lower body slowly responded, gently spreading its thighs and then clamping
the long legs around the upper body attempting to lock it down.

The madam removed her digits from her favorite fleshy globes, easing her
thighs and then clasping Tessy's shoulders pushed her gently downwards,
sending Tessy's lips on a journey with a definite destination. Her pelvis
rose and fell letting the travelling lips know that destination. Those
lips made a stopover at two large mounds, visiting the apex of both and
paying respectful mouthwatering homage to each. The lower body now
accelerated its pelvic movements, instigated by the lower mound as it
displayed a restless craving for the lip's belated arrival. Aided by
downward pressure exerted by two hands, the trek continued but the lips
discovering a soft low expanse decided to make camp for a while and
explore the surroundings. Finding a depression the tongue plunged into
play, touching a nerve in the lower body, resulting in several involuntary
spasms. This only increased the now desperate cravings of the lower mound,
resulting in a superhuman effort by the hands, forcing the lips at speed to
their final destination.

As the lips arrived there, suddenly in a lightning maneuver the
hands abandoned the shoulders cupping the head belonging to the lips,
forcing them into contact with the mound; while in a cleverly coordinate
operation the long legs clamped solidly around the hapless torso belonging
to the cupped head. The lips, at first a bit miffed by the forced march,
found solace in a sheltered valley dividing the mound and eventually
dispatched its associated probe to explore a deep pit for sustenance.

That exploration seemed to set off a violent trembling in the body being
explored, as well as loud contented sounds emanating from its upper oral
outlet. The probe, by twirling energetically in the pit eventually
activated and opened a honeyed nectar storage facility, producing a stream,
which lubricated the probe and overflowed the pit rewarding the lips with a
savory threat.

Tessy sat up on her haunches licking her lips, smiling victoriously at
her madam, unable to conceal just a hint of a disappointed appearance. Her
madam merely sighed with satisfaction, relishing her rush. Tessy waited,
she knew her madam; before long would make sure that her maid would not be
left without compensation for services provided.

"Oh my wonderful Tessy once again you have satisfied my libido but now
yours is lacking in some kind of cultivation." Satisfy yourself, you know
the conditions and position." Tessy stacked pillows at the foot of the bed
and reclined facing her madam, spreading her thighs to display her sex.
She began to feel her breasts while gazing lustfully at her madam. Her
hips moving in slow gyrating motions, as her breathing became labored,
interrupted by subdued moans. She moved one hand away from a breast,
caressing her belly, moving closer by stealth to her bush. One finger
caught a curl but a glance from her madam shaking her head, forced a
temporary retreat. She sighed in frustration jerking her hips in erratic
gyrations, bringing up one knee and reached for the soft part of her inside
thigh groping and caressing it. Again, moving close to the most sensitive
area received another negative signal from her madam. She moaned in
frustration and jerking her pelvis slammed her buttocks into the mattress
again and again.

Then an agreeable smile was flashed her way and she knew permission was
granted for her fingers to explore and penetrate. She closed her eyes as
one hand cupped her sex, breathing deeply with relief as her fingers
squeezed and relaxed until other urges called for more detailed

"Tessy?" Her madam's tone reflected disappointment with this breach of

She raised her offending eyelids, meeting her madam's gaze, "sorry madam
that was selfish of me." Her personal satisfaction was secondary and her
submission incomplete without eye contact. The feelings reflected in her
eyes, being a visual rapturous transmission; a sacrifice to that shrine
being her madam, a prayer to have her feelings accepted, embraced and

Tessy's gasped and her eyes half closed as her finger entered that
heated pit of sexual lust. Her madam smiled with a slight hint of
disapproval but did not reprimand her; sympathetic to the sensation
experienced when titillating those sensitive internal tissues. She bend
her knees bringing back her feet and lifted her buttocks of the sheets,
rotating her hips in spasmodic jerks as her moaning through moist parted
lips increased. Her thighs slammed together intermittently but quickly
opened wide before any admonishment from her madam's face for concealing
her sex.

Her entire body trembled as she neared her orgasm then stiffened, with
her buttocks lifted while her finger twirled inside, igniting the flames of
that first narcotic rush. She struggled to maintain eye contact as the
surge energized her nervous system, knowing that her madam would understand
at this juncture but yet feeling obliged to comply with her code of honor.

Five or six additional rushes surged through her body; each closing her
eyes momentarily, as she moaned in their aftermath's, then managing to
reestablish eye contact between each, long enough to receive a smile of

Tessy descended from her highs relaxing her satiated flesh, thighs
spread wide and smiling devotedly at her madam waiting for a sign of
approval. Hands stretched invitingly for her and she scampered into two
loving arms, snuggling into her madam's warm fleshy body, purring like a

"Well Tessy, what do we do now?"

"I'll wash you, dress you and do your hair. Oh I wish you could stay
for the my award, it's just not the same."

"Oh I sure you'll enjoy the ceremony Tessy dear. It's not the first
one, is it?"

"No, but you've always been there before madam, I'll miss you." She
snuggled in tighter, puckering up for a smooch. "Oh no you don't Tessy,
three times is enough in one afternoon for me. I'm not the Eveready
Battery that my maid is. I got to get to that charity benefit in time, now
get up and get to it." She slapped her rear end as Tessy reluctantly got up
and headed for the bathroom to prepare her madam's toilet.

"Tessy, is my chauffeur at the front?"

"Yes madam he's waiting and your prepared speech is in your purse."

"Fine, your reward should be at around eight o'clock and I hope to be
back by ten. Enjoy yourself then."

Tessy kissed her madam on the cheek and held the front door open as she
left for her waiting limo.

Four hours to kill, an eternity Tessy thought, despite or perhaps
because she had this huge mansion with it's many well appointed but
otherwise empty rooms. She cleaned and dusted and attempted to eat a small
meal; but her anticipation of the impending event however, dominated her
thoughts and dragged every minute along at a snails pace. She watched part
of her favored soap without interest; she played shuffleboard, darts and
pinball in the game room, disregarding the scores; she tried a game of
solitaire and found herself staring into space, nothing could hold her

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity the hall clock sounded its
Big Ben Gong, seven times. One hour she thought, maybe a bath would kill
it. She prepared a bubble bath and undressed, setting up her long hair in
a bun to keep it dry. She tried unsuccessfully to relax in the soothing
bubbles and then stood up soaping herself systematically, one little area
of skin at the time. She closed her eyes and imagined that someone, who
loved and idolized her body, was soaping her sensuously. No, she thought,
it's just me don't get worked up now; there's less than one hour left. She
wanted to be fresh for the event, no cheating ahead of time. For once, her
libido could wait. She turned on the shower and gradually lowered the
temperature to cool her appetite; there would be plenty to feast on later.

Shivering she got out and dried her body, again her mind wondered off,
imagining someone was rubbing her dry; some one who craved her body as bad
as she craved another.

She was shook out of her dreaming reverie by the familiar sound of the
front door bell and then that same door closing. Glancing at the clock,
she saw seven thirty. She panicked her reward was here and threw the
towel in a corner staring at herself in the mirror. Her hair, she had
wanted to fix it really nice. Pulling out the pins she let it fall to the
laws of gravity, shaking her head and running her fingers through it
establishing some semblance of order. She knew makeup was unnecessary and
hurried into the bedroom and then with her mind in another world, rushed
stark naked out in the hall and half way down the curved staircase into the
front hall.

"Well now, there is a sight for sore eyes and a starved constitution!"
She froze looking down at her naked body and gasped. "Don't stop now
sweetie," she gazed mesmerized into the eyes of her reward unable to move
or utter a word. Have you paid your dues?" she turned around displaying
the colored duesstamps on her cheeks. "Very nice, come here then Tessy,
are you not happy to see me?"

She ran down the remaining steps, loosing her balance on the last step
but was caught in a strong embrace and lifted off her feet. She threw her
arms around the neck of her savior and kissed the lips she had yearned
after for months.

"Don't ever leave us for that long again sir."

"Oh I'm sure you two can find satisfaction together."

"Yes we do but its not the same." They kissed again as she threw her
legs around him, jerking her pelvis impetuously.

"Can't you wait until I get undressed?"

"No!" She countered, smiling defiantly in her sweetest coquettish
manner." He pushed her down and put his arm around her as they headed up
the stairs. "Did you watch the performance this afternoon?"

"We both did and swooned with mutual orgasms. I'm so jealous of all
those screaming girls."

"They're just fans Tessy, there are only two women in my life; one's a
wife and the other's this livein nympho maid," he slapped her rear end.

The End


I write sexual fantasies for readers who are not offended by it. Other
people produce fantasies wherein cartoon animals talk like people. Even
very little people know that in real life, animals don't talk Comments
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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

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